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Mega Man and me
Draw me and Mega Man. Some references are "Mega-san~" and "Wing Cap!"

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Chapter 1: And So It Begins

Mega Man, an adorable ten-year-old robot, and his beautiful sister Roll were being driven down a highway by their servant Auto. "Can't this thing go any faster?" Roll asked Auto as the cart they were riding in slowly bumped...and bumped...down the road. "I'll try and push it up a notch!" Auto replied. "Hold on, Roll!" he said as he made the cart go faster. "I can't believe Wily is loose again," Roll told Mega Man. "Won't this madwoman ever stop?" "She won't be loose for long!" Mega Man declared. "Once Dr. Light gives Rush and I our new enhancements, Wily is history!" Suddenly, the conversation was interrupted by the cart screeching to a halt. "Whoa! End of the line. The road is too unstable to keep going," Auto said. "You two wait here!" Mega Man yelled. "Good luck, Mega Man!" Roll said as Mega Man got out of the cart and ran off.

Mega Man found Dr. Light and Rush standing by the ruined street. "D...Doctor, are you okay? I'll bring back Roll to take care of you," he told Dr. Light. "No, Mega Man...we have no time," Dr. Light replied. "Wily is using the attack of her robots to cover her escape." "Then I must chase after her!" Mega Man shouted. "Look!" Dr. Light said as she pointed to the prison where Wily was taken to. Explosions came from the prison, and a UFO flew out. "WHAT?!" Mega Man yelled. Wily was in it, and she paused in front of Mega Man, Dr. Light, and Rush to waggle her eyebrows and wink at them in a faux-magical girl style before flying off. "You've got to go now, Mega Man," Dr. Light said. "Get Rush and follow Wily's spaceship!" she declared. "Okay!" Mega Man replied. "Come on, Rush!" he told his dog before he gave chase.

After shooting down some Mets and a near collision with a giant steamroller robot, Mega Man and Rush stopped to take a break, but were interrupted when another robot beamed down in front of them. The robot looked strikingly similar to Mega Man, except less cute and more hot, resembling a teenager with tan skin and brown eyes. His armour was jet-black and had yellow decals, with the helmet looking like a cobra head. There were purple markings on his face and his skin looked a bit greasy. He started shooting at Mega Man, who wasn't ready and thus failed to do anything. Caught in shock, Mega Man collapsed to the ground. "This is...Mega Man?" the robot asked. His voice was pretty sexy, too, being a dark, somewhat husky voice that could turn any girl on. "You better tell me who you are," Mega Man said. A purple robotic wolf similar to Rush beamed down next to the robot. "I'm Bass," the robot told Mega Man, "and he's Treble." "Oh, okay. So you're Bass, and that wolf's Treble?" Mega Man asked. "Yup," Bass replied. "We've been tryin' to stop Dr. Wily while you were gone. We're fightin' to protect the world from her schemes." As Bass talked, Mega Man stared into his eyes. He could see a speck of red in them. Oh, man...if I were a girl...I'd instantly fall for him. Mega Man thought. "You are much too weak to battle Wily. Maybe you better sit this one out," Bass scoffed. "Let's go, Treble!" Bass and Treble teleported out. "...Bass...?" Mega Man thought out loud. What if Roll finds out? Will she have a crush on him? He didn't seem nice... Ignoring the thoughts lingering in his head, Mega Man walked on.
Mega Man 7: Estrogen Edition chapter 1
What this is is a retelling of Mega Man 7 aimed at thirteen to seventeen year old girls. (For those in the age range I'm in.) It is estrogen poisoned, so men beware. It's basically shoujo-demographic hentai, and you'll see why that is in later chapters. 

Right off the bat you'll notice that Dr. Light and Dr. Wily are both female. It's to explain why Mega Man is adorable and Bass is hot - they were created by women with different preferences. Stay tuned for the next chapter!
Fucking Big Brother dude it's the sign of the apocalypse!


Because I have a crush on Mega Man!

Mega-san~ by Chikinan

This journal entry commemorates the rapid-fire behaviour I had in December 2013. Dear God, I wish I could do this all again. In fact, I swear I will fall back in love with Mega Man if it means I can do all of this again.

It all started in late November. I was on some site, reading video game descriptions. It talks about Mega Man. Now I knew Mega Man before, I had played Mega Man II on the Game Boy back in second grade (around the first gen :iconsonbreezie:.) OK, so back to the story. The site talked about how Mega Man was "modified". I started to masturbate to an imagined scenario of Mega Man being modified. (Truth be told I was eleven years old and was experimenting, kids masturbate!) Then I pulled up Synthesia and started to go through my MIDI collection. When I listened to "Games of Happiness" from Yoshi's Story on the N64, I had a different scenario of Mega Man's "modification" in my head. Three words: he was bleeding. A lot of blood.

Sunday arrives, I'm in the reception room at my church. I'm telling myself "DO NOT HAVE A CRUSH ON MEGA MAN." I don't listen.

Next Saturday, I'm in my computer room, looking up the Mega Man cartoon on TV Tropes. I come to this entry: "G-Rated Drug: The meteorite fragments at Red Gulch. Mega Man: I felt great at first, but then I got really weak..."


No more. I KNEW I had a crush on Mega Man, the Blue Bomber, the Indigo Invader. I WAS GOING TO TELL THE UNIVERSE I HAD ONE. And I did it right here on dA, on November 30th, in the form of a journal entry called "Mega-san has got an effect on me...". You know how it goes. You've seen it before. That entry stated the reason why I had this 'massive' (as I liked to call it) crush on Mega Man. He was cute! That's all. He was cute. Like Captain REX or Kirby. And I really did have that stomachache. It happened a lot when I was in situations with MM. Also, I laughed my head off when I watched the opening cutscene of Mega Man 4 on the NES when I thought he was naked, and I "awwww"'d at the opening cutscene of Mega Man 5 when he had a frown on his face.

Okay, so now to a bigger point. I was browsing Mega Man's Wikipedia page. It said that in Mega Man 8 on the PS1 and Saturn, Mega Man had gotten infected by Evil Energy. I dunno why, but the first thing that came to my mind was A Party at Peach's Castle. This was a song from Paper Mario on the N64 that I had in my MIDI collection. I decided to take the story further and say that Duo didn't cure Mega Man of Evil Energy, and instead Mega Man goes to a party at Peach's castle while infected. It was funny, and I associated the song with the game. Hell, I even went as far as VANDALIZING MMKB to put the joke in.

Next up was "Pichi no Shiro". I decided to make a children's record where Mega Man gets invited guessed it, a party at Peach's castle. The record also featured my self-insert Otaka. The record, "Pichi no Shiro de no Rokkuman to Pati", had a Wikipedia page but was taken down after 10 months due to it not yet being in production. I got the source back and moved it to Mega Man Fanon Wiki. BTW, "Rainbow Park" is a song on that record. Does "Rainbow Park" bring anything to mind? Right now, for me, it brings this record and Pokemon Shuffle to mind, as PS features a stage called Rainbow Park.…

Now on to Otaka. In November of 2013, I used to call myself "Danielle Otaka". It was originally since I hated my last name of "Pluzsik", but it then became a name I used in my videos where I LP'd games. I literally inserted myself into the MM world with this name. My God, I must tell you: it was so much fun. I used to call Otaka "me" when I warped the MM canon into weird-ass situations that were co-produced by my Aspergers' Syndrome. Mega Man has a sister? She obviously has a crush on him! Bang! Roll's dead, I can only have a crush on Mega Man. Mega Man has Roboenza? Here, give the medicine to Roll. She'll save the world by blasting a supernova from her buster that'll kill everyone except Mega Man and I. Mega Man is infected by Evil Energy? Bang! Duo's dead. Now let's go to Princess Peach's castle! Danielle Otaka was kinda like a Mary Sue, but she always had bad things happen to everyone. She had flaws. Later on, I removed the "Danielle" part of her name and she simply became "Otaka". I created an ideal game for her to be in, Mega Man World. This game was going to be on the 3DS, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PS4. Basically it was just Mega Man and Otaka go save the world from Dr. Wily as usual. Nothing weird. Today, Otaka is now the star of the Otaka Mega Man Shorts Christmas specials. I made it based on my old beliefs.

One of the weirdest things I did with Mega Man was "Mega Man and the Fun Song Factory". You know that YouTube Poop "Arthur and the Teletubbies"? Someone put a page for that on Time Warner Cable Kids Wiki. I happened to stumble on there one day, and found everything edited to become "Arthur and the Fun Song Factory". It was the same thing, but now Arthur is hooked on this British children's TV show called Fun Song Factory. A few days after, now in my Mega Man obsession, I went on it again. And do you know what I did with it? Edit everything to become a Mega Man version! After everything was done, I renamed the page to "Mega Man and the Fun Song Factory".… Notice how every Robot Master's name is one word, except for Mega Man, which is two words. Also notice that Crashman is Clashman. That's how his name was spelled in Mega Man II on the Game Boy, which was the only MM game I played at the time. And that Otaka's name is "Captain Otaka". ("Welcome aboard! This is Captain Otaka from the co-"*SHOT*) And the faux-Japanese name "Emado". And that the song that plays when Airman and Clashman yell "Eww!" is No Life Queen by SOUND HOLIC. That should give you an idea of what music I listened to in 2013. Also, "Roll (who is actually dead)". :D (Big Grin) And also Mega Man watches A Day Full of Songs (another British children's show) and likes to color. In a coloring book.

Here are some RANDOM quotes I said in 2013 about Mega Man.

"When Mega Man destroyed Wily's machine, the Evil Energy within it suddenly entered his body, corrupting him. Duo is shot by Danielle Otaka with a gun and Mega Man goes to Peach's Castle for a party."

"Roll blasts a supernova that kills everyone except Mega Man and Danielle Otaka."

"He goes to a party at Peach's castle."

"A girl named Danielle Otaka has a HUGE crush on Mega Man, and sings songs about him. She also pointed out that Mega Man made a cameo in Paper Mario."

"(and right after he is infected, "A Party at Peach's Castle" from Paper Mario plays)"

"A Party at Peach's Castle from Paper Mario plays, and Danielle Otaka says something about watching Tensushiro. Duo arrives, examines Mega Man, and doesn't cure him of the Evil Energy, seemingly letting him go to Peach's castle. Everyone cheers, and the words "GOOD ENDING" appear on the screen. There is no bad ending, and this ending is available to all players. This is the best video game ending in the whole world."

"Danielle Otaka: I WON'T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT YOU WATCHING TENSUSHIRO EVERY DAY!!!!!!! Duo: This is good. He has been infected by the evil energy. He will go to the party at Peach's castle."

"Roll blasts a supernova from her cannon that kills everyone except Mega Man and me (Danielle Otaka). Girls crying "HOORAY!!!!" are heard off-screen."

"Capcom's character Mega Man makes a cameo in this game."

"Before escaping, Bass taunts Mega Man for his hesitation ("He who hesitates is lost"...which in Japanese is "Kundai detsu sakai ka", which is the name of a song by Gaki Yomo.), vowing that he, Wily, and Treble will return to get their revenge."

He who hesitates is lost...or something about chicken soup." 


I have a MASSIVE crush on Mega Man. Even though he's a video game character. So, get a company that makes robots to create an actual Mega Man robot and send it to me. It should be the same height as me (I'm 11 years old). Then, program it to love me back. (Also make Rush.)"

Thank you all for staying with me throughout the years, even when I was offline last year, and I hope I can do this all again. Let's all sing a reprise of Proto Man's theme, "We're Going for a Ride".



I hope you enjoyed my retrospective, and for now..."UKAI GA JINAKI MEGA-SAN!" 
  • Mood: Enjoying The Show
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  • Reading: Mega Man and the Fun Song Factory
  • Watching: Arthur and the Teletubbies
  • Playing: Mega Man
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Mary Pluzsik
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I am an artist who doesn't upload art that much.
The "sister" of :iconsonbreezie:.…

Current Residence: In my room
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Operating System: Mac
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Favourite cartoon character: Mega Man, Proto Man, Bass, Roll, Otaka, "I Like Trains" Kid, Invisible Billy, Desmond the Moon Bear, "I Like Planes" Kid, Do the Flop Guy, Mr. Muffin, Mine Turtle, Stegosaurus
Personal Quote: "He who hesitates is lost"

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